Attack Us If You Dare

The occupiers of 90 Fifth Avenue have received what we believe to be reliable information: that the pigs of the NYPD are preparing to attack our space in the early morning hours of Friday November 25. New School president Van Zandt made it clear in our last conversation that he would no longer tolerate our presence here, despite the fact that the space is now open to all and has been transformed into a political center of  debate and coordination of radical struggles and attacks on existing systems of oppression.

New School administration, despite their mealy-mouthed lip service to the movement, has decided to side with the banks, landlords, millionaire university trustees, and whining conservative students who are all clamoring for this break in the miserable daily routine to end. In a different world, New School would take this opportunity to expand the struggle, taking on the financial entities who hold the mortgage on this building, and who are responsible for foreclosing on innumerable homes. But, inevitably, police violence will be used to crush a tiny island of resistance in the black sea of corruption and power that is New York City. Until the movement as a whole has achieved the strength and clarity to organize its own struggles, outside of appeals to leaders, representatives, bureaucrats, and administrators, this will be the case.

Unwilling to sacrifice our dignity by surrendering a space we have taken and transformed with full legitimacy, we have chosen to barricade all entrances to this space and will defend it by all means available to us. Our contempt for private property and the legalisms used to defend it is total. No longer will they erect walls, deny access and suffocate and constrain our lives, without a forceful and energetic response. We challenge the NYPD to attempt to gain entry into a space that has proudly denied the pigs, the media and the press access to it during its week-long existence.

The arrest of a few comrades will not halt a massive challenge to the planetary system of domination and exploitation. We know that the attacks and spaces of struggle will multiply across New York City in a way that can never be contained by compromisers, reformists, hypocritical professors with their empty words, wealthy reactionaries, or the forces of police repression. Offense, rage and most importantly the foundations of life itself will never be extinguished.

25 November 2011

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8 Responses to Attack Us If You Dare

  1. Occupy your anus says:


  2. IF the space is open to all, how come you kicked out an alumni and a current PhD student from the space, which seems to be under the control of someone who isn’t even a student there?

  3. concerned student & former occupy supporter. says:

    you are a bunch of fucking morons.
    and are doing nothing but damage to the entire occupy movement.
    THE STUDY CENTER BEFORE OCCUPATION: almost every table filled with people studying for finals.
    AFTER OCCUPATION: on a typical day maybe 30 people dicking around.

    how the fuck is the occupation doing more to contribute to education than allowing people to use the space for constructive work?

    if you dont like rain, dont protest the fucking clouds.
    protesting capitalism is like protesting clouds.

    i sincerely hate the majority of you all and can only hope you mature enough to realize your own privilege.

  4. There is no reason to take you seriously when you’ve done nothing but cause more problems for everyone. If you want to be taken seriously, drop the radical chic, the juvenile tactics, the name-calling and solely confrontational attitude. Compromise a little to get a lot back. The whole point of the occupy movement is to get a dialogue going, which means offering viable suggestions, not yelling out pseudo-fascist slogans like “death to capitalism”, “the virus has spread”, and “kill cops/pigs”.

    The only thing you’ve accomplished is to turn the entire student body and media against you, because though you claim you are protesting capitalism and other whatevers, you’re only hurting the student body by taking up the only room we have to study, and possibly costing us the study center itself, graciously provided to the New School free of rent by those same corporations you are protesting. Instead of trying to make everyone poor, why not try to make everyone rich?– which is to say, do something constructive, not destructive.

    You aren’t being anyone’s martyrs, you’re being quixotic fools. As the analogy goes, “Why are so many artists prepared to suffer, but so few prepared to learn to draw?” If you want to critically engage someone or something, get to their level: no one can take seriously a bunch of kids who blocked off an escalator with a table, but people can take activists seriously. Change your image, change their minds. Learn how to market yourself, instead of attacking everyone and everything.

    You had a chance to reach out to the media with a well-phrased, effective message, but you chose to kick all the media outlets out, where they have have to resort to reporting on your graffiti to describe the ‘occupation’: “here we have a bunch of liberal students who occupied their school’s study center to protest the banks [mixed messages, much?], who post aggressive and faux 70s terrorist-activist messages like ‘kill cops’ and ‘death to capitalism’.” Smooth, guys. Real smooth. The only attention you have now is from legal complaints about defacing the building and going against fire codes, student complaints from taking up a much needed study space, liberal complaints from turning the peaceful and constructive protest sideways.

    Charles Malik pointed it out best 40 years ago: “He reserved his greatest complaint for youth activism, which failed to be useful for human rights because it strayed into florid and excessive opposition to existing society, rather than moderating its critique of injustice in view of the substantial achievements of civilization so far. ‘I wish somebody, preferably a youth himself, would dare to stand up before youth and impress on it that there are many things that are also right and that it is their duty to love them,’ Malik said. ‘The non-governmental organizations cannot afford to see youth drawn into the pit of nihilism.'”

    So here you go: recognize that the reason you have even made it into a building to protest is the result of a lot to love and support in this world. Yes our world is flawed, but that is why it is our jobs as students to make it better, rather than trying to tear it down.”


    Fellow Student.

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